The Neighbourliens

Vorand has had this strange feeling that his neighbours are aliens ever since he moved to Griffin Street five years ago. He has been working on making “scientific” theories such as the Vorandium-Nalien Theory of Justice.

Lately, he has been spying on his neighbour’s house more often. A few days after his brother Lorand finds a magic crystal, Vorand sees his neighbour stealing it. When Vorand chases his neighbour, his neighbour points this funny looking gun at Vorand and pulls the trigger…leaving Vorand stuck in another world, with a different species, in someone else’s body…

Lorand is a genius, at least he dreams to be one by following his successful late grandfather’s steps. Ever since his grandfather passed away, he has been playing with his elder brother Vorand more often.

He tells his brother that he believes in his weird “theories” because he is scared that if he doesn’t believe in them, his brother will start to hate him.

Vorand makes Lorand feel like he is boring and not as important and special as his brother. But, his world changes when he finds out that Lorand owns a magical crystal.

The Neighbourliens is a book full of adventure, mystery and awesomeness.

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Genre: Mystery/Adventure/Sci-fi

Number of pages: 148

Format: Print​

Price: $12​

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