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As Many Minds is a platform to bring out the creativity, innovation, confidence and communication of millions of young minds around the world.

We are the organisers of the International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum (IYLIF)


We are the publishers of The Kidz Parade Edutainment Magazine


Our Chief Programs Officer is the World Champion of Public Speaking, International Leadership  Coach and author of bestsellers MANOJ VASUDEVAN


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Through our products, workshops and events we at As Many Minds strive to:

o  Infuse more innovation into education

o   Develop growth mindset in educators and children

o   Promote children’s creative talents and innovative ideas
o   Boost public speaking and leadership skills in children
o   Boost creativity and innovation in children
o   Help parents and teachers to keep track of the trends in children’s creativity in the educational space globally.

We are also the publishers of The Kidz Parade edutainment magazine – the premium magazine that promotes and showcases children’s creativity and innovation. The magazine is read and subscribed by kids from all over the world. With a flexibility to choose a print magazine subscription or a digital subscription, there is something to ignite curiosity and to promote creativity of every child, in this magazine.

We organise our top rated Growth Mindset workshops, public speaking workshops, leadership workshops, Confidence Hub, Design Thinking workshops, creativity and innovation workshops for children on a regular basis. We ensure that children develop a growth mindset and confidence in themselves in every programs they attend.

We help educators and education institutions to infuse creativity and innovation in education. We organise our own public programs as well as customised programs for schools, other educational institutions and conferences.

We also provide professional training for teachers, organise forums on education and youth development and talks and workshops for parents.

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