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Get Published in The Kidz Parade Edutainment Magazine

Are you in the age group of 6-14 years? Did you always want to get published? Guess what! The Kidz Parade might be able to provide you with an opportunity. You can do it in many ways:

  1. Be a writer: You can be a writer with The Kidz Parade. Send your write-ups to us. Need some ideas for writing? Get your prompts here.
  2. Be a reviewer: Do you want to tell the whole world what is your feedback about the books, movies, games, Apps and gadgets? Find more information about Kidz Critique Challenge Kidz Critique (Review) Challenge.
  3. Be an illustrator: You can be an illustrate for The Kidz Parade. Send us a copy of your drawing. The drawing should be done entirely by you without any help from others. If our Creative Panel likes your drawing, you might get an opportunity to illustrate for The Kidz Parade.
  4. Be a cover model: Send us a close up photo of yours.
  5. Be a game maker: You can create your own games and send it to us. Get a list of some common games here.
  6. Be an interviewer: Are you good in public speaking and researching? You could be an interviewer for the Career Parade section of The Kidz Parade. You will be interviewing experts from different professions. Send us 3 reasons why we should choose you as an interviewer.
  7. Do you have any other ideas to get published? Let us know. We are always looking for creative ideas.

What are you waiting for? Send your entries to the email ID info at thekidzparade dot com. When we receive your creative ideas, our Creative Panel will go through it, shortlist the entries and will get in touch with you. Unfortunately, we might not be able to choose every entry we receive to publish in the magazine although we would love to do so. However, we will get back to every child that sends us their creative ideas.

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