Growth Mindset Pledge

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Discover the pledge you can use to unlock growth mindset in your child and students. You may be surprised to find that it could expand the growth mindset in you too.

About the Growth Mindset Pledge

Children (and adults) with growth mindset live with the belief that their intelligence and talents are not fixed. people who adopt a growth mindset understand and believe that their intelligence and talents can go up or down depending on the experience and the exposure. 

However, it is easier to forget things than remember. Children also get annoyed if you keep telling them the same thing very often. So, how could you help your child/students to better understand growth mindset? How could you remind them about the habits and attitudes associated with growth mindset? 

That is where you could use a growth mindset pledge. The Growth Mindset Pledge will bring it in front of their eyes very often and remind them to practise it in their day to day lives.

​Topics: Growth Mindset, Grit, Resilience

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Digital Download (SGD $2)