Infinite Possibilities

What is the secret ingredient that makes champions out of ordinary people? Have they always been achievers? 

In this book, you will learn the extraordinary journey of ordinary people who have become extraordinary achievers. They have faced hardships, rejections and failures in their lives.  Not once, but many times. What made them not quit? Why did they stay put in spite of all the rejections and failures? What made them emerge as some of the brilliant minds in the history though they were not academically extraordinary at school?

This book is the result of the research of Sindu Sreebhavan on growth mindset. Through the life of ten extraordinary people, she demonstrates how they have developed a growth mindset to reach the heights of their fields. Activities at the end of every chapter will prompt you to apply the growth mindset habits and attitudes in your own life so that you can unleash your infinite potential.

This is a book that will enrich the lives of every person - both adults and children. Teachers can also use this book as a resource to teach growth mindset at school.

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Genre: Story/Motivational

Stories from real lives, growth  mindset approaches adopted, growth mindset manifesto for the reader 

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Age group: 9-99 years

Number of pages: 180

Format: Print

Price: $20

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