International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum 2017

International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum (IYLIF)

Theme for IYLIF 2017

Mindset for infinite possibilities

IYLIF is an initiative to create innovative leadership in children and youth. Our mission is to nurture the talent for a better tomorrow. It creates a platform for youngsters to promote their ideas, thoughts and suggestions for a better today and tomorrow. As part of our mission to create a better future, we mentor the selected youth (International Youth Ambassadors) to be change makers. 

Singapore was abuzz with the ideas of Youth and Youth Development Champions from across the world on 2nd September 2017. IYLIF 2017 was hosted at the reputed Lifelong Learning Institute in Singapore. 

IYLIF 2017 was attended by

1. International Youth Ambassadors from across the world

2. Educators to speak in the panel and network from across the world

3. Experts on specific topics to speak in the panel and network from across the world

4. Parents to speak in the panel from across the world

4. Guests


Program Description

Welcome address

Dry deserts of despair to green lands of innovation

Sindu Sreebhavan

Chairperson of International Youth Leadership and Innovation Forum

CEO of As Many Minds

Founder of The Kidz Parade edutainment magazine

Opening Keynote


Avi Liran

International Keynote speaker, Economist, ex-diplomat

Panel 1: The future of education and its significance

Moderated by Ruby Mathur, Lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Certified MC


Roger Tan, Expert Educator, Singapore​

Robert Thorn, Secondary Principal at Aoba-Japan International School, Tokyo

Stephen D. Dexter, Jr.Secondary Principal, Stamford American School, Singapore 

Thomas Brian Donnelly, Middle School & High School Science Teacher, KinderWorld Education Group, Vietnam


International Youth Ambassadors from 5 countries



Panel 2: The new reality of Youth Life: Bullying, Abuse and Stress

Moderated by Vivek Iyyani, Author of Empowering Millennials

Panelists: Vani KhareFounder Managing Trustee of Faith Foundation India,

Founder ofSanrakshan Pte Ltd

Noor Mastura, President of Interfaith Youth Circle, Founder of Back2Basics

Padma Sekar, Principal Trio World School, Bangalore

Santhanaram Jayaram (Ram)Author of Ram Up your Laughter and Engage, Communicate and Succeed, Actor, Business Communication Coach


Mastering Leadership the Mousetrap Way

Manoj Vasudevan

CEO, Thought Expressions​

Next Level Leadership Expert

Author of International Bestsellers in Leadership and Public Speaking

World Champion of Public Speaking 2017


International Youth Ambassadors from 5 countries

Panel 3: Technology, values and the gig economy

Moderated by Karolina Gwinner

Panelists: Harpreet Atwal, Technology Leader

Nicholas Alchin, Acting Head, United World College of Southeast Asia East Campus (UWCSEA)

Mamta Mandal, Director of Cherishma Consulting, Founder of Prerna Awards for Language inspiration




International Youth Ambassadors from 5 countries

Felicitation of the  speakers



The Value of Thinking Differently

Fredrik Haren

Expert and Global Speaker on Business Creativity, Innovation, Change and Global Business 

Founder of Ideas Island

Owner of

Closing notes

How IYLIF is mentoring youth and creating a pool of global change makers

Rahul Shah

Chief Program Director, IYLIF

Founder of Up Your Game 2016 Personal Development Community

Owner, Path Layers Business Services​

Date: 2 September 2017

Time: 10am - 5pm

Venue: 11 Eunos Road 8, Event Hall 2-1, Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore 408601

IYLIF 2017