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Who will Stop the Bullying?

Many people ask, “How can I stop the bullying when I am a bystander to bullying?”

UPTV did a social experiment to understand the behaviour of bystanders. They placed three teenage girls to enact a bullying scenario at a public place.

The two bullies in the video start with “Do you have any friends at all?” and go on to act mean by verbally abusing the third girl like, “Did you audition for the musical? People told me you sounded like a dying pig.”

Slowly passers-by intervene. One man showed a kind gesture of playing a harmonica to the victim.


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One of the bullies tell the victim in the video, “You definitely do need make up”. A woman replies, “No, she do not”.

The girls go on to say, “Everyone at school think you are a freak because you read all the time”. A security guard waiting for the bus tells the girls, “Don’t mess with her” and goes on to tell the victim, “You keep reading”.

Many people tried to help her by inviting her to go and sit next to her and to offer to sit next to her in the bus.

One in three children get bullied

That is an alarming number. Should the bystanders remain silent? Who will stop the bullying? It is all of us. By taking small, seemingly insignificant actions, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of today’s children and tomorrow’s adults. Are you ready for that?

Do you want to make others also a part of the fight against bullying? You can do a lot to stop the bullying. 

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