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Exams are over and the hectic projects and group studies are taking a break. Are you in the look out for spending some quality time with your child during these holidays? We have compiled the list of 5 must-do holiday activities in Singapore where not just your child, but you can also have a great time.

1. Inter Play at Science Centre Singapore 

Holiday activities Singapore

This is a unique experiential exhibition that blends art, science and technology. There are many highlights that refect the interconnectedness of digital technology with our day to day lives. You can  blast off on a journey through the universe or populate an ocean with sea creatures of their own design.

Not to miss highlights of the exhibition are Deep Space, a multi-dimensional space and Kinetic Light Sculpture.

You can collaborate with the artist to create a multi-coloured digital painting based on the movement of a visitor’s silhouette. You can view digital enhancements that bring various artworks to life. You can also create your own multi-coloured digital painting from your silhouette.

Dates: 30 May 2015 – 16 Aug 2015

For more information, visit INTER PLAY .

2. My Favourite 70’s Show

Holiday activities Singapore

Are you a 70’s kid? What was your favourite television shows from the 70’s? What are your child’s favourite cartoons? This is a great bonding activity where you can illustrate a storyline with your child and bring it to life on your TV box.

This fun activity is not open every day. The workshop is limited to 30 pairs of parent and child. So, remember to register onsite in advance.

Dates: 30 May 2015 – 27 Jun 2015

For more information, visit My Favourite 70’s Show.


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3. Mangrove walk at Sungei Buloh

Holiday activities Singapore

Is your child a nature enthusiast? Or do you want to provide a nature experience to your child in urban Singapore? Take a few hours off from the concrete jungle and take a mangrove walk in the natural jungle of Sungei Buloh. You can spot mudskippers, crabs, shellfish, monitor lizards and various bird families here.

For more information, visit Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Dates: Year round


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4. Children’s garden at Gardens by the Bay

Holiday activities Singapore

With separate play areas for all age groups, this is the place you can have a quality time with your family. Bring along your swimming gears and get drenched in the aquatic playzone.

Dates: Year round

For more information, visit Children’s Garden

5. Opera In The Park

Holiday activities Singapore

Go with your friends and family for a picnic at the Botanic Garden and watch the opera. Opera in the park is an outreach program that aims to expand the opera experience to a wider audience. The event offers popular favourites from musicals and operas.

Dates: Year round

For more information, visit Opera In The Park.

Have you done any of these holiday activities? What is your feedback?

Share this article with your friends and colleagues, so that they too are aware of this amidst their busy schedules. 

Do you have any insights or tips that you use? Would you like to share that? Please use the comments section below and let us know!

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