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Are you wondering how to keep your child’s screen time more productive? You are not alone. Many of us are with you. Is your child hooked on to fun Apps? What if the Apps can provide some fun learning opportunities? We have picked our favorite fun educational games on Math and programming for your teens and tweens. These Apps not only help reinforcing the learning from the classroom but also are great aids to engage the kids during school holidays.

1. SMART Adventures Mission Math – Peril at the Pyramids

fun educational games

Set among the pyramids of Egypt, this game makes use of your child’s Math skills to solve a mystery. Kids will play a set of fun and interactive games with various difficulty levels to sove the mystery. It reinforces many math skills that the kids learn at school.

Age – 9 to 11 year olds

Smart Adventures

2. My Robot Friend

fun educational games

This is a great game that comes with lots of brainteasers that helps your child to pick up programming skills, logic and reasoning. As the name suggests, there is a “robot friend” in it. Your child can redesign the appearance of the robot by making use of the 200 different options available in the game.

Age – 9 to 12 year olds

My Robot Friend


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3. Questimate

fun educational games

This is an incredibly interactive game where kids take the role of question makers as well as solvers. The kids are invoved in making word problems and estimating answers. A unique game to practice estimation firsthand.

Age – 9 to 16 year olds



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4. Cargo-bot

fun educational games

Programming concepts in general are a bit difficult for a novice to understand. This game inspires your child to think like a programmer. It is a puzzle game that challenges your child’s brain and teach them the concepts of programming. It asks your child to direct a robotic arm to a particular location. The best thing about this game is it makes programming look fun. It is challenging, but nevertheless fun for your child.

Age – 8 to 16 year olds


5. Marble Math

fun educational games

Your child can practice Math by dragging through a series of mazes. This is a fun game to reinforce mathematical concepts. The customization options available in the game makes it more impressive.

Age – 9 to 12+ year olds

Marble Math

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