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The long awaited school holidays are here. Taking part in holiday camps provides great opportunity for children to develop life skills. The holiday camps also give a boost to the social skills of the children when they mingle with children outside their immediate circle. We are taking a look at the 5 of the best holiday camps in Singapore that offer long term benefits for the kids.

1. Whizz Kids Holiday Camps for science and fun

Holiday Camps Singapore

Whizz Kids fun-packed camps are just perfect for your curious kid.

Education and fun blends together to unveil a fabulous learning opportunity for the kids in this camp.

The camp is focused on hands-on science experiments and it includes outdoor activities.

Your child has many options to choose from. They could become a forensic scientist, a movie maker, a secret agent or a trainee henchmen who make use of science and experiments to solve various problems.

In this summer, look out for the following thrilling camps:

Whizz Kidz of Oz, Dr. Who, Dr. Franky, Mission Impossibe 2.5, Dr. Evil, Dr. Droid and Dr. Lego Bot.

The best thing about this camp: Fun, science and experiential learning.

Age group: 7-14 year olds

Dates: 22 June – 26 June, 29 June – 3 July, 6 July – 10 July

Visit Whizz Kidz Holiday Camps for more details.

2. The Kidz Parade Holiday Camps on Public Speaking & Leadership skills

Holiday Camps Singapore

Holiday Camps Singapore

This enriching, engaging and entertaining camp equips children with the processes and techniques to speak, present and communicate with confidence. Conceptualized and designed by international leadership coach, award winner at the World Championship of Public Speaking and international speaking coach Mr. Manoj Vasudevan, this camp is tailored for boosting public speaking, confidence and self-leadership.


Public Speaking for children Singapore

This is an activity-packed camp where kids have so much fun that they forget they are learning.

Previous participants and their parents affirm to the long-term benefits of this camp. The great news of this summer is that Manoj is personally coaching the kids and that makes it a not-to-miss opportunity.

The camp is focused on transformation, rather than just information. With small class sizes and live graduation presentations in front of parents, this camp is very individual focused.

★ The best thing about this camp: Focus on transformation, small class size & the unique opportunity to learn from a champion.

Age group: 10-17 year olds

Dates: 22 June – 26 June, 6 July – 10 July (Public Speaking Camp)

Dates: 15 July – 17 July, 13 July – 15 July (Junior  Champs Leadership Camp)

Visit Junior Champs Leadership Camp & The Kidz Parade Public Speaking Camp for more details.

3. APSM Sports Holiday Camps for sports

Holiday Camps Singapore

APSM has lined up many camps sports camps focusing on football, basketball and multi-sports during this summer. The passionate coaches of APSM provides a positive experience in every participants.

★ The best thing about this camp: It is available at several location all over the island.

Age group: 6-17 year olds.

Dates: 20 dates to choose from.

Visit APSM Summer Camps for more details.

 4. Junior Globetrotters Bake Around the World for baking

Holiday Camps Singapore

Baking is an art that brings our taste buds and creativity together. Baking is a good way to experiment and learn lessons of chemistry as well. The folks at Genius R Us know it very well.

Your child sets on a baking journey to experience the baking styles from different parts of the world.

You can sign up for a single session or sign up to experience the baking at all 5 countries in the list.

★ The best thing about this camp: A rare opportunity to learn baking and the boost in creative confidence of the kids.

Age group: 5-12 year olds

Dates: Every weekend in June.

Visit Junior Globetrotters Bake Around the World for more details.

5. Arthaus Holiday Programs for an enriching arts experience

Holiday Camps Singapore

Arthaus has a neat selection of holiday activities for your child. They have a plethora of media your child can choose from, like acrylic, charcoal, watercolour, pastels, coulour pencils and the list is long. Don’t worry if your child does not like to mess around with colours when they draw. They have a sketching workshop as well.

★ The best thing about this camp: They offer a free trial class for first timers.

Age group: 4-17 year olds

Dates: Caters to local school and international school holidays.

Visit Arthaus Holiday Art Camp for more details.

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Public Speaking for children Singapore

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Public Speaking Camp

public speaking for children Singapore

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