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“I want to send my child for holiday activities, but school has been so hectic and I don’t know whether my child will end up more stressed!”

Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying the above when the holidays are near?

We have Jini from Whizz Kidz talking about holiday activities.

In recent years, the words play, fun and learning have been used together so often. About 50-100 years ago, these words would not even exist in the same sentence! However, seldom they get to play and have fun during school work. The idea of learning through play was explored as early as 1945 by Jean Piaget and has since been widely studied.

Learning through play means learning through enjoyable and pleasurable activities. Engaging in such activities gives children a sense of self-motivation, which is extremely important in one’s learning process.

One known benefit of learning through play is increased intellectual and cognitive abilities. Children exposed to learning through play have been found to have increased flexibility and potential for learning in later life. Other benefits include increased confidence, better social skills, communication and language, physical, reasoning skills and many more.

1. Social / Emotional Development

Holiday activities Singapore

During holiday programs, children learn to regulate their own emotions, as well as take into consideration other’s feelings. How children perceive their surroundings affects the brain’s physical development and their learning.

2. Brain Development

Holiday activities Singapore

Every camp explores its own unique range of topics that allows children to think, process information, solve problems, remember new information, make decisions and understand concepts.


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3. Language and Communication Development

Holiday activities Singapore

Children meet and interact with other children from different cultures who speak different languages. This not only allows the child’s language skills to improve, but also allows children exposure and appreciation for different cultures.

4. Developing Independence

Holiday activities Singapore

Children often come to camp feeling extremely nervous and leave camp full of confidence at the end of the week. Throughout the week, the children engage in multiple activities that allow them to work independently, as well as in groups, building their confidence.

5. Exploring new interests

Holiday activities Singapore

Many camps offer new and novel activities for kids to try out such as Fun Science, Amazing Movie Making, Robotics, 3D printing and many more. It is important for children to have activities that interest them, besides their iPads, handphones and television programs in today’s day and age.

Whizz Kids has got a variety of holiday activities suited for various interest groups. For more information regarding amazing Whizz Kidz Holiday Camps, please visit Whizz Kidz.

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