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Testimonials for the Public Speaking Camps & Workshops

Public speaking for children Singapore

It was a good experience for the kids. Lucas bloomed and has more confidence. The effort the kids put into preparing and presenting their speeches is highly commendable. I was surprised that he practiced hard on his own without any grumbles when he did not want to attend the camp initially. It helped my child build confidence in public speaking. I saw a difference in him. Thanks for the guidance.

Mother of 10 year old Lucas Goh from Tao Nan School

Initially we were not sure whether or not to send our son to your camp as it was his PSLE year and he was not doing very well in his studies. We were getting complaints from his teachers. We are delighted that the camp made him to believe in himself and dream bigger. He became more interested and more focused in his studies. He scored A* for all subjects and to us that is a miracle.

Father of a PSLE student who later scored among the top 3 in his school

Excellent programme to build the confidence and to learn about important techniques of public speaking. The graduation speech is the highlight of the course!

Father of 13 year old Aishwarya

It helped my son to build his confidence, at the same time he enjoyed his lessons.

Mother of 13 year old Bryan Soo

My daughter has never been to such a course. She has never experienced such a fun way to learn. After every class she will go to her friend next door and for the next 3 hours she would share what she learned that day! I regret not sending my other daughter for this camp when she was at the right age for it.

Mother of a 12 year old from CHIJ Katong Primary

What I liked the most about this camp was that each child was encouraged to be confident through close interactions with the coaches.

Mother of 13 year old Rohit  from Raffles' Institution

If I could, I want to spend my entire holidays in this public speaking camp. It is super awesome! I learnt a lot and will never repeat my old mistakes during school presentations.

11 year old Aryan from UWCSEA

Ever since my son became a teenager, it has been hard to make him focus on his studies. So I was surprised to see him diligently prepare and practice his speeches for the public speaking camp. It was as if he suddenly became possessed by something.

Mother of a 13 year old from Victoria School

Children were given feedback about their areas of improvement - specific improvements for each of them. They built their own speeches over the 5 days. They prepared their speeches without help from adults. I enjoyed their graduation speeches a lot.

Mother of 11 year old Radhika from GIIS

If you are looking for a training to teach your kids 'public speaking' look no further. Mine both attended the Kidz Parade holiday camp. They learnt important strategies of public speaking, wrote their own speech and presented the speech in front of an audience at the end of the week. There was a big improvement in eye contact, gestures, posture and confidence. The program really deserves a shoutout. If you have no plans for the next holidays, then this is something you will not regret.

Uli Badibanga, Mother of 14 year old Chila from UWCSEA & 12 year old Cedrick from Overseas Family School


Public Speaking for children Singapore

Public Speaking Camp designed by the World Champion of Public Speaking

Seeing my daughter present in front of a group of strangers for the first time with confidence was amazing. We definitely have no regrets signing up Tiffani for this one week camp.

Mother of 12 year old Tiffani Gui

Both my kids, Aryan n Arusha attended the public speaking camp which was extremely good. It brought about quite a change in their confidence levels and helped remove their inhibitions.Those 5 days they were fully charged and involved in researching, practicing and working on their speech delivery style. I am extremely happy with the improvement brought about by the course. It was definitely time well spent.
Thank you for all your efforts and enthusiasm. Wishing Kidz Parade all the very best in their future endeavors.

Nety Sahai, mother of 11 year old Aryan and 10 year old Arusha from UWCSEA

I learnt to be more confident, how to form an impromptu speech and the important framework of making a speech. The workshop has improved my confidence, speaking and gestures. The coach is very understanding towards us and always gives us a second chance. I liked the activities in the workshop.

11 year old Ray Oh 

Children's confidence increased multiple folds in this camp. The techniques you taught about public speaking are very impressive. We could see Shruti improve a lot in this camp.

Parents of  12-year old Shruti Mathavan

I learned to speak in front of public and to be confident. The coach was fun and encouraging and I liked the activities, confidence building and speaking in front of the class in this workshop. I can use these skills in the future and also when I am at a job interview.

11 year old Bryan Teo


Growth Mindset Singapore

Sets children on a journey of resilience, hard work and path of continuous learning and improvement

I was very skeptical when I send Jyothir [10yr] for the 1 week kids public speaking camp as I have already sent him for few other essential life skill classes, but not showed any improvement whatsoever. I am really happy that I made the right choice, the team did a wonderful job and now he's more confident and joins the discussion in the class . Class size is small so the kids get individual attention and they have to prepare their own speech which I think is really good. It brings out the creativity in them and they present it in front of all on the last day of camp . Thank you for all the effort and support .Would definitely recommend this camp .

Pritha Nambiar, Mother of a 10 year old from Overseas Family School

I am ready to speak to 2000 people!

An 11-year old

The encouragement and cheers given to the kids were really good. The kids also had a successful performance on stage. This is the stage that leads to future success. Thank for all the efforts from you.

Mother of  10-year old Qianrong from Kheng Cheng School

The coach was kind. I learned how to battle stage fright and learned different types of breathing. I liked the confidence building and activities in this workshop. The workshop helps me in preparing for my speeches. 

10 year old Abhinav V


Public Speaking for children Singapore

Learn the Public Speaking & Confidence lessons used by the World Champion of Public Speaking

Kids opened up with their ideas and their confidence level has gone up

Father of a 12 year old from Haig Girls'

The public speaking course conducted was an awesome experience for my daughter. A different aspect to learning a new skill. Thank you.

Mother of a 15 year old from GIIS Queenstown

The most interesting part of this camp was the opportunity given to kids to speak openly in front of an audience. This will help them to overcome the nervousness before they have to do presentations. The graduation speeches were planned very well. We could see the efforts put in by the kids, Coach Manoj and other coaches.

Father of 15 year old Abhinav from UWCSEA

You do not focus on ‘teaching’ the child, you focus on ‘transforming’ the child. That’s what makes your camp special. I will surely send my elder son too for the next camp.

Parent of a 13 year old participant

I learned the confidence building and the workshop helps me to speak more in public. The coach speaks very well.

10 year old Glen Yew

It was great to see the children speak with confidence, creativity and commitment. I liked the structure, schedule and the preparatory work for the camp. 

Father of an 11 year old participant from Overseas Family School

My child transformed from timid to confident over the course of this camp. Earlier she used to shy away from opportunities. Now, she is more participative in the class, stand for student leader elections and takes part actively in Model United Nations. The main difference in the 'before' and 'after' is she understands the need for being confident and articulate in groups and she considers it is her responsibility to take charge of these areas. Your coaching has made a transformatory effect on my child. Thank you for your efforts and individual focused coaching style.   

Mother of a 10 year old participant from Overseas Family School


Design Thinking for children Singapore

Design Thinking, Innovation and Creative Problem Solving

Thanks for your magic! My daughter really loved all the sessions and she speaks confidently now. I am pretty sure things will change from now for the better.

Father of a 13-year old participant from CHIJ Katong Convent

I liked speaking in front others, confidence building and talking louder in this class. The coach speaks loud and comments good things about our speeches. I learned to speak louder and be confident when speaking.

A 10 year old from Xin Hua Primary School

I found a major difference in my son's attitude. He was coerced to attend the camp, but he ended up enjoying the camp.

Mother of a 10 year old participant from NPS International

My son was shy and afraid of speaking. He did not want to speak in the class at all. It was an emotional moment for us when we heard him giving his graduation speech in front of the audience. We have sent him for many courses before. In fact, we were thinking about sending him to a therapist before we came across your program. But, your camp changed him. His teacher told me that he is communicating in the class now and is more confident. Now, he tells me he is not afraid of speaking any more. Thanks to you for the effort, I am sure it was not easy.

Mother of a 10 year old participant

The coach encouraged me to speak and I learned to speak bravely. I learned speaking in front of others and build confidence in this workshop. I liked all the activities.

A 10 year old participant

This workshop made me to be confident and how not to be nervous. Our coach was kind, cheerful and helpful. I liked speaking in front of others in this workshop.

11 year old Aleeya 

I learned to make good eye contact with audience and have a good posture on stage. The coach taught us a lot and disciplined when necessary. The camp helped me to be more confident to speak in front of audience. 

11 year old Yee Hui 

The camp and the graduation was very informative and encouraging. It was great. I am very happy that the kids have an opportunity like this. 

Father of 11 year old Joshua 

I learned how to adjust tone, pitch and the volume of my voice while speaking and diaphragmatic breathing. I liked the coach's confidence and the way she made me interested in the topic. I also enjoyed listening to other people's speeches. In secondary school, I can use these skills to speak up.

Zi Xin 

The coach was kind and funny. I learned  to introduce others on stage, speak confidently, body language and to be loud.

10 year old Danish 

Seeing my child present confidently on stage was exciting. 

Valerie Toh, Mother of 12 year old Rex from Chong Fu School 

The coaches are fun, patient and helpful. I learned to speak confidently in this workshop.

11 year old Ryan Teo 

I got to improve on my confidence in this camp.  It was interesting and I made new friends. The training was very process oriented. Now I am able to be prepared in case I need to make a speech. Overall it was an excellent workshop.

13 year old Evelyn Mulyadi

The skills that the children learned learnt were very impressive. Yes, it was great to see the children speak confidently and with great zest and joy. Thank you!

Suguna R, mother of a 12 year old boy from Rosyth School

The best parts of this camp are the methods of creating speeches shared with the children and the graduation speech. 

Annie John, mother of an 11 year old boy from Bukit Panjang Primary School

The course was excellent. I picked up lots of skills. The coach was very helpful and encouraged class participation. I feel empowered after the training.

14 year old Krishna Kumar

The content of the camp helped me to understand and the quality of instruction was very good. We were encouraged to participate and interact in the class. The coach was knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. The course was very useful and helped me with many public speaking skills.

12 year old Yao Ting

What I liked the most in this camp was the spontaneity of the kids. I liked the graduation speeches very much. You are doing a great job. Congrats! Thank you!

Dr Suma Rao, mother of a 13 year old from NPS International School

I learned to be good in speaking and picked up good body language. I enjoyed all the activities, confidence building and speaking in the class. 



Public Speakig for children Singapore

Public Speaking Camp designed by the World Champion of Public Speaking

The workshop taught me many things that made me better. It helped me to speak with confidence. I liked speaking in front of others.

Haziq, A P5 student 

I learned to turn nervousness into something good in this workshop. It helped me to be more confident speaking in front of people.

Jing Yi

The coach gave me good feedback. The workshop helped me to be confident. 

13 year old David 

I learned speaking skills and confidence. The coach was kind, nice and funny. If I need to speak outside, I will not be nervous any more.

An 11 year old participant 

I can do public speaking now. I liked the speaking, activities and confidence building in this camp. I learned to speak confidently.

11 year old Qi Huan 

I learned that interacting with the audience is also very important in public speaking. Coach is very supportive and encouraging and I liked all the activities. The workshops will help me in the future, for example, like during meetings or speaking in front of crowds.

11 year old Shawn Ng

Testimonials for Junior Champs Leadership Camp & Junior Public Speaking Workshops

This camp proved to be a great experience for Shaun. He has come up with more innovative ideas, thinking creatively and above all is able to speak about it. It was a great camp to boost up his confidence, work on modulation of his voice and making so many friends.Thanks for all your efforts.

Mom of 7 year old Shaun Danny

The most interesting thing about this camp was the idea of getting the kids to talk, think and present their ideas. I liked the graduation speeches very much. Kids are really doing their best and the ideas are very noble and hopeful

Mother of 8 year old Cadence

It was amazing. Never expected that the kids can do the speech very well in a humorous way. My girl is really excited and she was doing her practices without any obligation. She is really confident and smart after this camp

Mother of 8 year old Amelia Davies

Mother of 8 year old Lourdes


Growth Mindset Singapore

Growth Mindset Camp for children

What I like the most about this camp is the confidence given to my child. Awesome speeches by kids. Keep going.

Mother of 9 year old Amrita

My son has built his confidence and knows how to express his opinions. Graduation speeches were very enjoyable.

Mother of 9 year old Feng Kai

My daughter attended the Kidz Parade holiday camp. She was very excited about camp after first day itself and after coming back home was talking about her learning on each day. It was great to hear from her about her learning with excitement.
She learnt important strategies of public speaking, think and wrote about their innovations in story form. Later they  presented in front of an audiences at the end of camp in the presence of all parents. I was able to notice difference in gestures, posture and confidence while speaking. Camp was not only about speaking but also it made them think, understand team work and share ideas.

Father of an 8 year old 

This camp helps to broaden the learning horizon of the kids, let them be imaginative and creative and helps to grasp the techniques to deliver the final concept confidently. 

Corinna Lim, mother of 9 year old Shanice

Kids learned the concept & structure in organising a presentation in this camp. The graduation speeches were good.

Mother of 8 year old Tristan Tan

I liked the feedback and the confidence building in this camp. 

Mother of 8 year old Joshua Kek

All the kids were superb. They followed the 4C's. They looked happy and were encouraging each other. I enjoyed the graduation speeches. I would like to know more about your weekly classes. 

Monica, Mother of 8 year old Aadya

The camp helped my son to gain confidence when he gives a speech. 

Victoria Ong, Mother of 8 year old Jake

The kids enjoyed the sessions and delivered speeches confidently. I am planning to encourage my son to take part in competitions.

Mother of an 8 year old


Public Speaking for children Singapore

Learn the Public Speaking & Confidence lessons used by the World Champion of Public Speaking

Kids got to speak  and MC as well in this camp. 

Parent of an 8 year old participant

Kids became more confident and responsible. Excellent job. Kids enjoyed.

Father of 8 year old Raj

What I liked was the fact that the kids enjoyed the camp and were not stressed. I enjoyed the graduation speeches 

Mother of 9 year old Irene

My son Madhav absolutely loved the Junior Champs leadership camp and we feel it was time well spent. Highly recommended for kids of his age ( 7 to 9 yrs). He couldn't stop raving about it nor the sandwiches :)

Mother of 8 year old Madhav 

The camp and the graduation presentation were wonderful. What I liked the most about the camp was the tips and tricks you taught  my child. Also, the camp gives the kids the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.

Mother of an 8 year old  

What I liked the most about the camp was the confidence gained by the children. The graduation speeches were really good. Look forward to the next holiday workshop.

Shadki, Father of 7 year old Kushi

With only a short 3 days, kids could come on stage to do a presentation in front of an audience is amazing. Coach Sindu is very enthusiastic and amazing. She follows up and helps with the fitting of the program schedule. The class size is small, so the kids get good personal attention.

Catherine Thai, Mother of 9 year old Ryan Lim

Kids enjoyed the lesson. It is amazing to see the kids' graduation presentations.

Mother of 7 year old Yu En

The camp was great, best in a short period of time. The kids enjoyed it. Children were being able to observe their friends' performances, give feedback and learn from it. It was great in spite of them being so young. The graduation presentation was a free flow of ideas. It was wonderful to see them speak up so confidently. Keep doing what you are doing.

Mother of 8 year olds  Ankit & Akshat

The most remarkable part of this camp is the confidence that is fostered in each child and the encouragement given to express their ideas. I enjoyed their graduation speeches thoroughly.

Mother of 9 year old Abhinav

The creativity part where the kids were taught skills on how to come up with their own speeches is amazing.

Mother of 9 year old Triston Ng


Growth Mindset Singapore

Sets children on a journey of resilience, hard work and path of continuous learning and improvement

I enjoyed the graduation speeches thoroughly. Really appreciate the daily feedback. Thanks for putting it together.

Mother of 8 year old Rayn Adabi

The camp was positive, enjoyable, fun and engaging. The graduation presentations were informative and entertaining. Thank you for all your positive encouragement. Really appreciate it. 

Mother of 7 year old Suang Lee

The whole thought process of letting the kids develop their ideas and converting that into a brilliant speech is what keeps this camp apart. I loved watching the little ones coming up to the stage and expressing themselves. This camp is already perfect, nothing to improve. Just keep doing what you are doing.

Father of 9 year old Seher

It is a good starting point for kids to be great public speakers of tomorrow. Look forward to enrol my daughter in your upcoming weekly workshops.

Mother of 9 year old Aradana

Great speeches and confidence by kids during the graduation speeches. The opportunity kids get to speak in front of an audience in this camp is fantastic.

Ben Geh, Father of 7 year old Darius & Giselle

The camp is a fun way for the kids to learn a new skill. Loved it. 

Mother of 9 year old Jahnavi

I really liked the display of children's confidence during the speeches. 

Mother of 8 year old Vynce Tay

Little children standing up and giving amazing speeches. The camp was really great.

Raja, Father of 7 year old

I have seen nervous adults. The kids have overcome that. I am planning to enrol my daughter in your weekly workshops as well.

Moorthy, Father of 8 year old Dhanya

Children were amazing at the graduation speeches. Tips and tricks you taught the kids in overcoming nervousness is really great.

Mdm Tan, Mother of 9 year old Anne & 8 year old Ruth

Testimonials for The Kidz Parade Magazine

So delighted to get my hands on the great magazine for kids that inspires, plants good thoughts, promotes awareness for world issues that all children should know about and feel for and most importantly gives every kid the opportunity for self expression – to shine like a star in so many ways, to unleash their creativity, hone their aptitudes and capture their imagination. Kudos to the publishers, creative heads and editors of this must-have magazine.

Noella Menon, author of ‘When I grow up’ & noted voice over artist

I tried in vain almost all types of books to encourage my children to read. It was my daughter’s teacher who recommended The Kidz Parade for improving her vocabulary. Not only my kids are reading The Kidz Parade now. They are showing interest in writing. Thank you Team Kidz Parade.

A mother of 3


Public Speaking for children Singapore

The Kidz Parade is a wonderful way of boosting one’s confidence. Thanks for playing such an important role in a child’s life who has talent but is unable to let it out in one way or other.

A mother whose one child is in a local school and the other in an international school

My kids received the latest issue of The Kidz Parade. Both of them devour it.

Adeline Foo, the author of The Diary of The Amos Lee series

This the kind of publication I always wanted to start for my students.

A teacher from a large primary school

How far can a couple of seemingly insignificant writings and illustrations by kids go? You’d be surprised.

One of the best parts of Kidz Parade is that there are millions of genres of stories, such as mystery, fantasy, realistic, adventure, action, horror, comedy, something for everybody.

To me, receiving a new copy of The Kidz Parade is like a little girl getting a new doll, a painter getting new acrylics and a bee finding a flower.

Xaxa Sheng Smith, SOTA, Singapore

Testimonials for the Innovation Camp

Shenda loved the workshop very much and asked if she can go again.

Mother of 11-year of Shenda

Creative problem solving for children Singapore