DSA Interview

Interview skills training

Direct School Admission Interview Coaching

Our interview techniques workshops are catered to build confidence, teach organisation and structure to children.

What is covered in it?

1. How to organise answers to sound confident, knowledgeable and polished.​ It covers the following styles of answering interview questions:

  •  Conclusive 
  • Authoritative
  • Comparative
  • Illustrative

2. How to exhibit confidence using non-verbal communication, such as:

  • Body language
  • Eye contact

3. How to think critically before answering the question

4. Conference with parents regarding the child's progress

We conduct DSA Interview preparation in a 1 on 1 setting as well as in small group setting. 

1-on-1 package consists of  6 personal coaching sessions ​and complimentary 3 Confidence Hub sessions.

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