Growth Mindset Workshop

Growth Mindset Workshop Singapore

Growth Mindset is a term coined by the Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck. It outlines the fact that our intelligence and talents are not fixed. It can go up or down based on the exposure and experiences that we acquire. 

With right training, students (and teachers / parents) can develop Growth Mindset. It will provide the motivation and confidence for them to try out challenges, learn from mistakes and to appreciate the efforts of themselves and others.

 This workshop includes the following four modules:

Module 1 - How to have a positive mindset 

Module 2 - How to look at failures and successes

Module 3 - How to be a risk-taker

Module 4 - How to self-motivate and motivate others in the team for better outcomes

Module 5 - How our brain works and why it adapts to a growth mindset, if we follow it

Add-On: Talk / Workshop by experts on Growth Mindset for parents and teachers

Add-On: Consulting in creating a growth-mindset curriculum for your organisation. 

We strongly recommend providing this workshop for parents and teachers as well. After all, they are the ones that constantly communicate with the children.

Workshop format

Schools can choose the modules for the workshop

This engaging, thought provoking and safe workshop consists of activities, stories, real life examples, vision board making and discussions / brainstorming.

Age group - 6 years and older

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