Innovation & Creative Problem Solving Workshops

Kids are challenged to think in terms of solving real world problems. They learn how to work collaboratively in a group to bring out creative ideas on the table.

They use the Design Thinking processes of brainstorming, ideation and prototyping.

The workshop inspires kids tap into their creativity, critical thinking in a guided environment and develops self leadership and communication skills.

Age group - 10 to 14 year olds

Teacher, Creative Problem Solving ProgramA top school in Singapore

“The Design Thinking Workshop by As Many Minds was a hands-on, activity-rich and enriching program. As a school, we are committed to providing the best creative problem solving skills to our students. The coaches were very knowledgable and supportive. They were successful in bringing in a great balance between experiential learning and the understanding of the concepts.

We had two batches with two different age groups that went through the entire cycle of Design Thinking process. The coaches customised the contents of the training based on the age group and were successful in inspiring creative problem solving skills in the students. Our students went home empowered with enriched minds and they enjoyed it. After all, design thinking is as fun and engaging as you make it.”

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