Social Media & Online Etiquette Workshop

Social media etiquette

Having a clean and positive digital footprint is imperative for the successful future of a child. 

At an era where anything that goes online stays there, children need to learn how to create a positive digital footprint for themselves. If they make any mistakes in their adolescent years or later, the chances are that it could leave a mark here on the internet. 

Our digital world is similar to our physical world. We should maintain proper keys, ask for permission and be civil to each other. At the same time, we should be able to safely make use of the cyber space to talk to others, market our ideas & products, create communities and sell our ideas and products.

 This workshop includes the following four modules:

Module 1 - How to establish a healthy online idenity

Module 2 - Acquire good Media Literacy ​to understand what you see in the media

Module 3 - How to prevent and handle cyber bullying

Module 4 - How to make use of social media to promote ideas, products and causes.

Workshops format

Schools can choose individual modules all modules for the workshop

The workshop, delivered using the frameworks of Design Thinking & Binding Rings frameworks, consists of ideation, brainstorming, solving hypothetical situations, ​talks, making presentations & campaigns and so on.

Age group - 6 years and older

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