ACE Minds^ Study Skills & Growth Mindset Workshop

Study Skills & Growth Mindset workshop

This workshop is a perfect blend of instilling growth mindset and effective study habits and skills in children. 

Effective study skills and habits help children not just in their exams; it also help them develop skills that will be an asset to their personal and professional lives. 

Learning is effective only when it is enhanced by learning strategies, the resources to implement those strategies and a growth mindset. That is exactly what The Kidz Parade ACE Minds^ study skills program does.

 This workshop explores study skills from different angles. Some of those are 

1. Effective ways to study @ school

2. Effective ways to learn @ home

3. Preparing the right environment​ to study

4. Managing Focus & staying away from distractions

5. Using the right Memory Techniques​

6. Prioritising tasks & managing time

7. Motivation & Growth Mindset

8. Mind & Body

9. Effective Revision

10. Relaxation & Stress Management​

11. Goal setting​ and managing

Ready to use templates and resources to motivate and to build skills in students.  

Workshop format

This engaging, thought provoking and safe workshop consists of activities, stories, real life examples, vision board making and discussions / brainstorming.

Age group - 9 years and older

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HOD, CCEA primary school in Singapore


 One of the positive aspects of the program is the responsible and professional services provided by the company. The co-ordinator is able to craft the workshop to suit the needs of the students. The trainers were able to deliver the content as planned. They were familiar with the course materials and were able to engage students through group work, videos and resources related to students’ experience. Pre-discussion to decide on the content and customise resources and post-discussion after the workshop to discuss about the program are really good. I am planning to share the techniques with subject matter teachers to practice in class

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