Thinkers Unlimited Design Thinking Camp

Critical Thinking for children Singapore

We are the organisers of International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum (IYLIF)

Thinking routines, creative problem solving, ideation, brainstorming and creative confidence are the pillars of this program. 

This project based camp makes use of Design Thinking, Visible Thinking and SOAR Innovative Mindset to boost thinking skills and creative confidence in children.

Our design thinking workshops and our founder Sindu Sreebhavan have been featured on The Straits Times

Upcoming Holiday Camps

13 March 2018 (7 to 10 year olds)

13 March 2018 (11 to 16 year olds)

From 10:00am to 5:00pm

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$130 (Enjoy this early bird fees, if you register by 10 February  2018)

$150 (for registrations from 11 February 2018 onwards)

Includes workshop, materials and refreshments. Lunch not included)​

"In the past, the industrial economy needed people who were good at doing routine factory work. It's a different era now. To solve the world's existing problems, we need people who can come up with out-of-the-box ideas, work collaboratively and act with initiative." 

Our founder Sindu Sreebhavan
speaking as a Design Thinking Thought Leader in the The Straits Times article
Teacher, Creative Problem Solving ProgramA top school in Singapore

β€œThe Design Thinking Workshop by As Many Minds was a hands-on, activity-rich and enriching program. As a school, we are committed to providing the best creative problem solving skills to our students. The coaches were very knowledgable and supportive. They were successful in bringing in a great balance between experiential learning and the understanding of the concepts.

We had two batches with two different age groups that went through the entire cycle of Design Thinking process. The coaches customised the contents of the training based on the age group and were successful in inspiring creative problem solving skills in the students. Our students went home empowered with enriched minds and they enjoyed it. After all, design thinking is as fun and engaging as you make it.”

Can you believe these ideas are coming from 10-12 year old kids!

Revolutionising education using Design Thinking

    A greenhouse sorting machine to save the earth
An energy saving fan - a win-win solution that cools down humans and the earth
I can make anything - I want to attend a workshop like this everyday
Charu Mehrotra Parent of Param Mehrotra

"I didn't know what design thinking was when I signed Param up. I expected the kids to be watching science experiments, but the camp was serious about teaching them to solve problems creatively. Param has picked up a sense of initiative. For example, he created a website to share ideas on various projects"

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