Creative Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts

Are you in the age group of 6-14 years or a teacher or a parent?

Are you looking for creative writing ideas for children? Read on to find 222 ideas children can try on. They can write in any genre - story, poem, article. Or they can draw a picture based on these ideas. And if they like the result of their creative work and are keen in getting it published, send the entries to the email ID contribute at thekidzparade dot com. Who knows, our CP (Creative Panel) might choose the creative work to publish in The Kidz Parade edutainment magazine (Download two issues of the magazine for free here)

Do you feel scrolling down the 222 prompts is time consuming? You can download it by simply filling in your name and email ID below. 

1. Nobody believes my neighbours are robots
2. I saw to my horror, my hair had turned electric blue overnight. I screamed.
3. What if one day all the colors in the world disappeared?
4. What is your favorite movie? Do you recommend us to watch it? Write a review of the movie.
5. Roses are red... violets are blue... What is your own version of this very popular verse?
6. What is your favourite holiday location? Why do you like the place? Tell us all about your trip.
7. Pinks are for girls... blues are for boys... What is your opinion about this?
8. You get a lifetime opportunity to spend a whole day with a dolphin in the wild. What would you do?
9. Even in that shocked state, I realized Martians had flourescent green horns on their head.
10. What is your favorite App? Would you recommend it to us? Write a review of the App.
11. We split into different groups and searched all the corners of the school. It is true. Our teachers are missing.
12. If you had the chance to invent something, what would it be?
13. What is your favorite book? Why would you recommend it? Write a review.
14. I couldn't believe my eyes. There stood a herd of elephants in the school ground.
15. “I slipped on the wrist band and the next second, I could not see myself in the mirror. I realized I had the amazing power to become invisible when I wanted.”
16. "I am a rainbow in the sky." Write the autobiography of a rainbow.
17. What would you do if you became a part of your favorite computer game for some time? What adventures would you have? Write your own adventure story.
18. Are you kidding me? The train I boarded accidentally was a time machine! And I’m with a bunch of cavemen now?
19. I looked around the house and found no one. Then I realized I was home alone! Just like in the movie!!!
20. The sea was very stormy that evening. In the distance, I could see something very small.
21. We are finally in Dubai and standing in front of Burj Khalifa. Suddenly I heard someone call out my name. I turned.
22. I looked around me and for the first time saw how beautiful the colours of nature were!
23. A letter arrived in the post for me that morning. The first line shocked me.
24. Imagine going through an entire day without using any gadgets. Describe what all you would do.
25. Sam and Christie looked at each other shocked and whispered almost together “What was that?”
26. Take any fairy tale/popular story, add your own twist to it and rewrite it in an interesting way.
27. You are going on a camping trip with two of your friends. You see two people doing suspicious activities. Write your own thriller.
28. If horses could fly...people often say that to describe an impossible scenario. But what if horses could really fly?
29. As soon as I entered the school gate, I saw the new girl sitting alone on a bench. She looked sad. I walked up to her.......
30. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon. The Smith family was out in the garden enjoying the sun. Mr. Smith was at the barbecue, little Sue was on the swing and Sarah was running around. Then suddenly.........
31. One day I decided to set out and get to the pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. Tell us about that exciting journey.
32. You get the opportunity to take a trip to outer space in a spacecraft? What will you do there?
33. Penelope was sure she was drowning. She is not a great swimmer. She closed her eyes. Suddenly, a dolphin appeared from somewhere. Will they become friends? What will they do together?
34. Climate change is happening around the world. If you were given an option to change the climate in the part of the world you live, how would you do it? Why? You want to go humorous about it? Feel free to do so.
35. What happened in the school canteen yesterday? Write a tall tale about it with you as the hero of it. Remember, a tall tale is an exaggerated story with unbelievable elements. Make your hero a larger than life character that does super human acts.
36. Some sharks lose over 30,000 teeth in a lifetime. New teeth continue to grow in a shark’s mouth. What would you do if you had the same ability?
37. Have you ever experienced bullying? In your opinion, what can the parents and teachers do to stop bullying?
38. What do you and/or your parents like the most about The Kidz Parade magazine? Tell us about it.
39. I looked at the new student with a big smile on my face. That is when the world started spinning around me. He is the same bully from my tuition class.
40. After all I am just a pony, not a mighty horse.
41. Mars One has announced a 2025 mission to Mars to colonize it. Imagine you being in that mission. What would you do there? Write a story/article about it.
42. Max was playing his favourite computer game. A blue flash drew him into the computer and he realized that he is inside the game. What will he do now?
43. Imagine you are a ninja warrior. What will you do in that capacity?
44. How would life be without electronic gadgets like iPad, mobile phones, computers?
45. I woke up suddenly hearing a noise. I was at the city square. How did I reach here? People were pushing and rushing. What is going on?
46. An alien ate my homework.
47. “This is Gordon Ramsay calling. You have been selected to join Master Chef Junior reality show. You will need to report for the show on 3rd November at Las Vegas USA. By the way, that is on next Monday. The challenge will last for 5 weeks. You will be here all by yourself”.
48. What is your favorite punctuation mark? Write a humorous take on that.
49. Every year she comes here to watch the fireworks. The view of the fireworks is spectacular from here.
50. I am going to design a robot to do my homework.
51. The dinner arrived after a long wait of 40 minutes at the fanciest restaurant of the city. I gathered my fork and knife ready to gobble up the entire food in one bite. Did I see it right? Is it a fly on the steak?
52. What are the few things and experiences that you would cherish for a long time. Be as vivid as possible.
53. He is nowhere in this mansion – I mean NOWHERE. My heart is racing at the speed of a bullet train.
54. "I couldn't believe my eyes. He gave me 1 million dollars! All I did was helping him cross the road."
55. You are out on Halloween night. Someone in a skeleton attire steals all your candies. What will you do?
56. Today is the day I am going to say 'No'.
57. Mrs Koh looked at me and said, “Matthew, since you are a student leader, I am giving you the responsibility to handle that. Are you ok with that?”
58. I knew the sound - rats!
59. He picked up a spoon and watched Chris walking out of the door.
60. Who is that girl in the photo?
61. “The super villain started it again!” Pam exclaimed. “We need to teach him a lesson”, Ken said softly. The frown lines on his forehead were the proof that he was planning something big.
62. “This is Gordon Ramsay calling. You have been selected to join Master Chef Junior reality show. You will need to report for the show on 3rd November at Las Vegas, USA. By the way, that is on next Monday. The challenge will last for 5 weeks. You will be here all by yourself”.
63. "We are from the dark side of the moon".
64. He could hear the footsteps next to him. “Is someone walking next to me … invisible?”
65. A parrot stole my lunch box.
66. Chloe climbed all the way to the top of the 30-storied building. This is her secret place.
67. “So, you are finally here”, John heard a distinct sound coming from one corner of the terrace. It did not sound anything friendly.
68. She turned around. To her horror she saw…
69. I wanted to tell the teacher. But, you know she is not someone you can easily talk to. I grasped Tina’s hand and walked towards Mrs. D’Souza.
70. Where is Jay? He was here until an hour back.
71. I can feel the hair on my hand standing up because of fear. Is this house haunted like what those people were saying?...
72. He could not believe his eyes. Every day he walks back to school by this playground. It has never happened before.
73. It is a rainy Monday morning in the school canteen.
74. You have absolutely no idea how long I had been waiting for this recess.
75. "Good morning, President".
76. I knew I was late for the class. I ran into the classroom. There he was, glaring at me.
77. Mrs Martin said, “We have a new student in the class. Since he joined in the middle of the term, he would need all your help in the campus and in his studies.”
78. The water has already flooded the street and the school ground. Principal instructed all of us to move to the 4th floor classrooms.
79. I heard the sound of the approaching footsteps and hurried into a corner.
80. "She looked guilty. Was she hiding something from me?"
81. "The pony galloped in pursuit of the wolf."
82. "Perfect. The battery is about to die", Callum muttered.
83. "She shook her phone vigorously as if to bring it back to life."
84. "Going on this field trip was a huge mistake."
85. "Did I see someone's shadow inside the room?"
86. "Is Daniel, my best friend a zombie?"
87. "I looked at the campus to make sure that we are moving in the right direction."
88. "When was the last time you took a shower?"
89. I purposely walked slowly into the classroom.
90. How will my mom react when she gets to know about it?
91. Should I tell him now?
92. The old lady was staring at me from across the room.
93. I don't want them to see me here. I pulled my hat low over my face.
94. "Can you please stop crying?" she whispered to me.
95. I didn't intend to punch him on his face.
96. The sound is coming closer and closer to me. No, I can't let them catch me. I jumped inside the giant hole of the gigantic grandfather tree.
97. Mondays will never be the same again.
98. Sunflower always reminds me of my days in their company.
99. The day was going great until I met Harry in the school shop.
100. Martha strode into the room and shouted "If you are hungry, you will eat it."
101. My bed is my best friend.
102. I could freeze that moment for ever.
103. "Maggie it is a sign, I know it."
104. I didn't want to leave that party.
105. I could not help smiling when I packed my suitcase.
106. I knew that delicious smell. I ran towards it.
107. I could not believe my eyes. Tears started flowing without my knowledge.
108. "Why can't you take me there?" She asked me innocently, I could see hurt in her big eyes.
109. I rummaged through drawers until I located the wooden box.
110. That photograph, the one that she never wanted to see again is right in front of her.
111. What is the recipe for happiness?
112. "Heard about getting caught red handed. That is exactly what happened to me."
113. It was a pen. Not an ordinary pen. A pen that can erase memories.
114. My brother had warned me about her. My curiosity led things this far.
115. "Mom, where is grandma's old typewriter?"
116. The loud noise from downstairs is getting louder and louder. I looked at my sister.
117. Luckily my best friend lives next door. I made a beeline to her house.
118. The green man at the traffic junction started blinking and I ran towards the other side of the road.
119. I have always been a fan of nice smelling towels?
120. "Carry on, Zach", my older brother shouted out.
121. The camp has come to an end. But, I still can't forget the look in the eyes of that old man under the tree.
122. I didn't throw it out of the window. Then, who did that?
123. The girl was looking at me intently. Suddenly she asked me "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
124. A little sparrow bird was sitting on my cheek.
125. "Chairs". That word silenced the room.
126. "Stephen, I am going for work. Make sure you do your homework and eat your lunch on time."
127. My pen had a mind of its own.
128. Everyday, I stand here watching the traffic.
129. People call me a grandfather tree.
130. The swimming pool was crowded with children.
131. Our game is on this Saturday. I don't want to leave any chance this time.
132. Dad told me he will surely be here on time.
133. The characters are flying around me.
134. I have never felt as guilty as I am feeling now.
135. "Why don't you write a letter to him?" Jenny asked me.
136. Our origami project is coming to an end.
137. As I stepped out from the lift, I smelt the sweet aroma of baking cookies.
138. "Champions are made here."
139. His feet came to a sudden halt.
140. Last day of school.
141. It is my first flight. I had been avoiding this for all these years.
142. The old lady sat next to me asked, "What is your queue number?"
143. Everyday I pass by this gate. I have never seen anyone going in or coming out of that magnificent doors.
144. I can smell durians.
145. There seems to be something special about this watch. Mia looked into it. She saw a pair of eyes looking straight into her eyes from it.
146. "My legs hurt", the chair complained to the rug.
147. "My colours are brighter than yours." The rainbow told the garden.
148. "Well... well... well... look who is here", Stella threw a side glance at me and told her friends.
149. "I told you many times you are not allowed here", Joel spat out before throwing me outside.
150. "You are worthless", these words kept ringing in my ears.
151. Jimmy wagged his tail while looking at her face.
152. "I knew cats were better than dogs."
153. "You know what annoys me the most?"
154. "Friends, romans and countrymen"
155. "Bon voyage. I will miss you", she said with a whimper.
156. "Mom, I am 12 years old. I will decide what to wear."
157. "Clara, aunt May is coming to visit us from London."
158. Usually Sam takes me for fishing.
159. "Strawberry and cream is on the table", aunty June announced.
160. Ever since I was 4, my dream was to become a traffic police.
161. I could not believe my eyes. The sky has turned in different hues of green.
162. "Greg, this is a family secret. The secret that is passed only to the eldest child of the family. Promise me you will follow this through."
163. I was never able to understand why grandma was very protective of that old chest. I have seen the inside of it, there was nothing special in it.
164. "Cheryl, don't forget to take your binoculars and compass."
165. I was sitting on the front row in the upper deck of the bus.
166. "Jeez! you can't even turn that tap on."
167. I looked at dad and mom. They seemed extremely happy.
168. "Look right, look left, look right again," I kept repeating to myself.
169. I was sitting on an elephant for the first time in my life.
170. "John will lead the discussion", Mr Fox announced.
171. "I can do it, I can do it, I am sure I can do it", I kept repeating to myself.
172. At that moment, I wished the earth would swallow me.
173. I am just a member of the choir in the musical. Even if I don't turn up, nobody is going to miss me.
174. "Phoebe, you are grounded, young lady."
175. All he has is a pair of glasses.
176. The first thing I saw when I opened was a grumpy looking man eating ice cream with a fork.
177. My hands started shaking when I took the steering wheel.
178. "It is going to be the party of the century. So, be there on time", Joe shouted while running out of the class.
179. I wish my school had abolished homework.
180. I am moving to a new country.
181. I know my friends were planning something for my birthday. But, they won't tell me anything.
182. Mrs Teo is our new neighbour. Even since she moved in 6 moths back, she would bake something every evening and share with us.
183. I looked at the postage label. It shows Alaska. Who has sent me a letter from Alaska?
184. Do you know we are the descendants of the last king?
185. "Charlie, I don't have much time left. There is a chest hidden under the big banyan tree outside my childhood home", grandpa was struggling to breath while he was talking.
186. Ever since I saw that picture, I knew I wanted a pet turtle.
187. My favourite hideout was a huge banyan tree in the park.
188. The wolf was coming closer.
189. "Should we take the scenic route or the highway?" my dad asked.
190. We took frequent breaks from swimming to munch on the delicious snacks mom had neatly arranged on the table.
191. "We need three magnets, two batteries and some copper wires for this mission," Patricia shouted from the garage.
192. "Commandos will be here any minute."
193. "The first quality of a detective is punctuality. You ar3 47 seconds late", Agent Ambrose said.
194. The car flew through the air and landed upside down in the field near by.
195. He kept tapping his pen on the table while waiting for the police officer to finish his call.
196. "For every dollar you contribute, I will contribute two dollars to this cause", Mr. Evans announced in his usual arrogant manner.
197. "And the winner of the evening is..."
198. "My father has great connections. I am sure he will find a way to save us", Maya whispered.
199. "Seven. Seven times I saved you from those people."
200. It was a carefully crafted image.
201. If robots ruled the world.
202. Write a story featuring your friend, fifty dollars and a popsicle.
203. One day all internet communication comes to a stop forever. How will your life be after that?
204. Write a letter to a child living in 2100.
205. "I can't believe it. I just got shipwrecked in this island. I am all alone here.
206. "The camel started to run. In a few seconds it picked up speed. I held onto its hump."
207. Write a letter to a teacher who made a difference in your life.
208. "You have been selected as the main character of the musical", Mrs Park said.
209. I didn't get selected to the team.
210. I am not a sportsperson.
211. "We are going on our one way trip to Mars. Each of you can carry three personal items with you."
212. "I am going to give you 500 dollars and a car. You triple it and meet me after 6 month", Mr Brown said.
213. It was a war of egos.
214. That was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my entire life.
215. The crowd made way for him to walk through.
216. I remembered the old man's words, "All snakes are not venomous."
217. "I knew you were not as innocent as you look", she said.
218. Meredith started jumping up and down.
219. "You are the best thing that happened in my life", she told me with tearful eyes.
220. Am I doing the right thing?
221. I put on my shoes and slid down the stairs.
222. I wanted to take the Kitkat. But then mom's words came into my minds.

You don't want to write on any of the above ideas? Don't worry, you can write on your own ideas and send that to us.

What are you waiting for? Send your entries to the email ID contribute at thekidzparade dot com. When we receive your creative ideas, our Creative Panel will go through it, shortlist the entries and will get in touch with you. Unfortunately, we might not be able to choose every entry we receive to publish in the magazine although we would love to do so. However, we will get back to every child that sends us their creative ideas.

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