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Children with growth mindset are more resilient, work harder and perform better under pressure compared to children with fixed mindset. They strive to reach their best potential.

Growth Mindset is the secret ingredient for success - in academic, personal and professional LIFE

Growth Mindset outlines the fact that our intelligence and talents are not fixed. It can go up or down based on the exposure and experiences that we acquire. When you set your child (as well as adults) on a growth mindset journey, you are helping them to  unlock their potential for continuous learning and improvement. This helps them to cultivate habits and attitudes to perform better in academics and in other areas of their lives. Growth Mindset is a term coined by the Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck.

With right training, children can develop Growth Mindset. It will provide the motivation and confidence for them to work hard to achieve their full potential, try out challenges, learn from mistakes and to appreciate the efforts of themselves and others.

There are many workshops and camps to build your child's skills and mindset. Click here to find all workshops and camps.

 Through activities, children will learn:

 √ How to look at failures & successes and cultivate a positive mindset for better results

 ​​​​√ How to self-motivate and motivate others for better outcomes

 √ How to make use of the immense capability of the brain and achieve full potential

 √ How to plan, execute, manage time and stay resilient

 √ Complimentary Talk for parents by expert on Growth Mindset

We strongly recommend all parents attend the talk at the end. After all, they are the ones that constantly communicate with the children.

Camp format

This engaging, thought provoking and safe workshop consists of activities, stories, real life examples, vision board making, goal setting and discussions/brainstorming.

This camp was designed and developed by Sindu Sreebhavan, expert in Growth Mindset, Innovative Mindset and Design Thinking. She is the founder of SOAR Innovative Mindset, the editor of The Kidz Parade Edutainment Magazine and the designer of As Many Minds Growth Mindset Toolkit.

Age group - 9 years and older

Upcoming Holiday Camps

14 - 15 March 2018. 10 am - 5 pm


$230 (if you register by 10 February 2018)

$260 (for registrations from 11 February 2018 onwards)

Inclusive of workshop, materials and simple lunch. Refreshments provided.

We are the organisers of International Youth Leadership & Innovation Forum (IYLIF)

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